Site Safety

  • Abide by all safety and road signage as per examples that apply
  • Make positive contact (verbal/visual) before approaching mobile plant operations and never work / enter under a suspended load
  • Follow any reasonable instruction given by Concrush and report unsafe conditions and all injuries and incidents as soon as possible
  • Stay clear of any loads being tipped (at least 20m)
  • Ensure children and pets remain inside vehicles
  • Park only in designated areas
  • Remove vehicle coverings in the ‘Tarp Removal Area’ and replace coverings or tarps before leaving site – inspect vehicle prior to leaving to ensure it is in safe condition
  • Drivers must ensure that vehicles are on level ground before tipping
  • Drivers must stay in vehicle when tipping (e.g., articulated trucks)
  • Before leaving tipping area all doors of vehicles must be closed and hoists lowered
  • Where a load is deemed to be unsafe, Concrush will not allow it to leave site or be tipped until it is made safe – fees may apply

Make our Safety Culture Positive - Do not walk past an unsafe act – Say something. Doing nothing says you condone the behaviour. Make a difference today.

  • Tune into UHF Channel 7 if you have a radio
  • Electrical, lifting, and work at height equipment must have current inspection / tag, tagged out of service or removed from site
  • Electrical equipment and generators must have earth leakage protection / RCDs
  • No chemicals are to be brought to site without prior approval and current Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
  • Never operate machinery unless you are competent / have a licence or verification of competency (VOC)
  • Ensure mobile plant inspections are completed prior to commencing and defects are report to your supervisor
  • All Visitors must report to the weighbridge office on arrival and must sign in and sign out in the visitors register upon entering and leaving the workplace (except delivery drivers / persons in vehicles registered via weighbridge)
  • Where a serious incident occurs, non-disturbance protocols must be applied – e.g., cordon off area, do not disturb the area except to rescue personnel / prevent further injury
  • The names, photos and contact numbers of first aiders displayed throughout site.  
  • Do NOT enter site if you are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Testing may be conducted as required.
  • Personal Protective Equipment must be worn as displayed or as per risk assessment. Some samples are shown below:

First aid kits are displayed by the symbol

Emergency Assembly Area is displayed by the sign