Classification of Waste Types

Concrush accept General Solid Waste (Non-putrescible) CT1 or SCC1 as per the NSW EPA Waste Classification Guidelines. We Do Not accept restricted or hazardous waste.

Building & Demolition Waste

Building and Demolition raw waste material disposed of at Concrush Teralba fall within the following 10 categories:

Prohibited Items

B & D waste loads shall not contain any of the following:

Green Waste and Stumps (Organics)

Green waste loads include trees, stumps, logs, branches, bush trimmings and grass clippings.

Prohibited Items

Green waste loads shall not contain any of the following:

Whilst on Concrush premises

1. Customers are always required to obey direction from Concrush personnel and yard signage.
2. Concrush Plant & equipment always has right of way.
3. Concrush reserves the right to reject loads at their discretion.
4. Customers must ensure loads are as clean as possible of the contaminants and DO NOT contain prohibited items, restricted waste or hazardous waste.
5. Customers are required to pull into the designated tarp removal area to remove tarps before entering the weighbridge (see signage upon entry), then proceed to the weighbridge for initial inspection and data entry.
6. Customers will be directed to Inspection point 2 Tipping area and are required to wait for instruction from Concrush personnel before tipping and leaving the inspection area. Customers are requested to assist pickers as required.
7. Loads that have been tipped at inspection point 2 and deemed unacceptable (see lists below) shall be reloaded back onto the customer’s vehicle and a reloading fee charged.
8. Contaminated loads shall be recorded in triplicate in a rejected load register. 1. Copy to customer. 2. Copy to NSW EPA as requested. 3. Copy retained by Concrush.