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20mm Recycled Concrete Aggregate

Demolished concrete is a valuable resource material that can be suitably recycled back into various construction materials. Using recycled concrete in your next construction project eliminates the need for demolished concrete being disposed of at council land fill sites, which assists in protecting the environment from further degradation.

10mm recycled concrete aggregate can be supplied to:

  • Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia (NSW) – IPWEA Class D10 as guided by the “Specification for Supply of Recycled Materials for Pavements, Earthworks and Drainage” Issue No. 3.0 April 2010.

Note: all results are indicative only:

  • Uncompacted Bulk Density – 1.20 t/m3
  • Compacted Bulk Density – 1.29 t/m3
  • Wet Strength – 70 kN
  • Wet/Dry Variation < – 35%
  • Particle Size Distribution – As per AS1289.3.6.1

10mm & 20mm recycled concrete aggregate is an excellent drainage and filter material

  • Quality material with moderate to large amount of voids
  • Manually handled with ease by shovel & wheelbarrow
  • Potential cost savings
  • Reducing the impact on natural resources
  • Working towards an ecologically sustainable future

10mm & 20mm recycled concrete aggregate can be used for fit for purpose applications.

Some typical uses include

  • Drainage medium and drainage pipe backfill material
  • Drainage filter medium material for retaining wall and varying applications
  • Drainage backfill around subsoil lines.
  • Course fill as a soft ground bridging layer and drainage blanket
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