Helen Milne

Concrush Expansion Works

Concrush expansion project is continuing with bulk earthworks and its RAP works coming to a completion by December 2021. Its road entry design is being finalised in October 2021 with works to commence shortly after. For any questions concerning these works please contact Kevin Thompson on 4958 3777.

Concrush – Closing the Loop

Concrush has operated in the recycling industry for over 20 years while located at Teralba NSW. We are a “zero waste” industry. We repurpose 99.02% of the C & D waste we receive into valuable resource products including aggregates, sands and road base materials.

Water Main Installed

Our new watermain installed to our Teralba site will allow us to reduce our dependancy on tracking water from Teralba to our yard. This will make our operation more efficient. Works have begun and the expected completion date is in October 2021.

CRC Waste 5.0

Concrush participated in a workshop in July 2021 on industry lead initiatives aiming to reduce our national waste volume. We are now looking at innovative and value adding solutions to reduce waste. The next step is helping the bid committee in submitting a CRC grant application

SmartCrete CRC

Since June 2020 Concrush is a partner of SmartCrete CRC looking at the reuse and quality of recycled aggregates. In July 2021 SmartCrete made the following media release: “SmartCrete CRC is delighted to announce the funding of the inaugural project “Recycled Waste in Concrete for Municipal Applications” in collaboration with industry and research partners OPV …

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Renewable Power Cost

Tomago Aluminium in “Australian Financial Review” dated 10 August 2021 highlights the cost barriers of firmed renewable power. Concrush agrees that the cost of renewable power is currently too high, but the future price of renewable energy will be coming down. Concrush has developed an electrification plan over the next eight years which sees equipment …

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Pre-Soaking and Screening Recycled Aggregates

A recent study on Concrush recycled aggregates has found the “…combined effect of the surface treatment methods of pre-soaking and screening was found to be quite successful…” on using recycled aggregates in the manufacture of concrete. For the full technical paper please read;

An Experimental Study of the Physical Properties of Recycled Aggregates and the Mechanical Properties of Recycled Aggregate Concrete (RAC)

This paper carries out a full investigation on recycled aggregate and recycled aggregate concrete RAC by using experimental approach. The purpose of this study is to determine the possibility of using recycled aggregate as a substitution for natural aggregate in concrete mix for sustainable development. In order to do so, this study covers the following …

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